Accent Modification for Speakers

Karen Van HookAre you concerned about your presentation skills?

Would you like to present at the Flash Memory Summit with skill and confidence?

If so, I'd like you to meet Karen Van Hook, Ph.D., the Accent and Voice Coach, proprietor of Chosen Voice.

Hi, I'm Jay Kramer, President of Network Storage Advisors, Inc, and the Emcee for FMS Keynotes Presentations.

My team and I put our heads together with Karen and came up with the perfect solution to help you sound more fluent, natural, and confident.

The Fluent FMS Speaker Program

Here's what it includes:

Cost: $1,600

Contact Karen today to schedule a Free Consultation at or 617-284-6640.

To learn more about Karen and her work, visit her site at

About Karen Van Hook, Ph.D.
Karen Van Hook, proprietor of Chosen Voice, has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of California at San Diego. She has worked in the field of speech and accent coaching for 18 years. She specializes in helping speakers of English as a foreign language to learn to express themselves effectively in English. She is a member of VASTA, the Voice and Speech Trainers Association.


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